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tishell.dll - Explorer crashes when you do a search wildcard or any extended search - ie. *.bmp

Acronis Shell Folder extension permits you to browse compressed archives created by the Trueimage software.
However when this shell extension is enabled, you can't perform extended searches using Windows explorer.
Explorer will usually crash after a few minutes with a "C" runtime error. When this happens a pop-up screen
will appear. If you ackknowledge this windows, Explorer will stop and restart. You will lose your search results.

The downside to disabling this feature is that you can no longer click on an Acronis image file to look into its contents.
Of course you can re-enable this shell extension when you need to look into an image file or when you wish to retrieve a stored file.

This problem has been reproduced on over 20 of test systems, all running Windows XP - SP2 or SP3 and Trumeimage 2009.
This problem was reported to Acronis but the company refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem.
Acronis wants people to pay for a support call to answer questions pertaining to this issue.
Acronis will not confirm that the problem is fixed in the 2010 version of the software.

The details of the shell extension that might cause the problem:

Shell Extension Name: Acronis True Image Shell Extension
Filename: tishell.dll
Description: Acronis True Image Shell Extensions
Company: Acronis
Product Name: Acronis True Image
File Version: 11,0,0,8101
CLSID: {C539A15B-3AF9-4c92-B771-50CB78F5C751}

If you think that you have similar problem in your system, you can try to fix the problem by disabling the specified shell extension. In order to do that, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and run the ShellExView utility from this Web page.
  2. Find the right shell extension according the details specified above.
  3. Select this shell extension and press F7 to disable this extension. After disabling the shell extension, check if the problem still occurs. If the problem still occurs, you should enable back the shell extension by pressing F8, and then try to search for another shell extension that might cause your problem.

This shell extension problem was reported by BigAl123