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CLVDShellExt.dll - Windows 10 problem - right click on any shortcut did not work - shellexview helped to fix it

Right click on a shortcut on the desktop - context menu would not come up.
If shortcut is inside an explorer window, right click wound crash explorer.
MSFT answer desk could not fix, after many hours of scanning and fiddling.
They recommended to reinstall Windows!!
Ran shellexview x64, hid MSFT items, then started disabling...
Got tired of one at a time, so began 3 at a time:
Disabled the following 3, all at once:
Cyberlink...context menu (extension name was blank)
NvAppShExt Class...NVIDIA... context menu
OpenGLShExt Class...NVIDIA... context menu
This fixed the right click problem!!!
Then I enabled each of the above 3, ONE at a time, until all 3 were enabled.
The end result is that although all were enabled,
apparently putting everything back to the original state,
the right click problem did NOT come back!!!
Strange but true - just disabling and re-enabling fixed the problem.

The details of the shell extension that might cause the problem:

Shell Extension Name:  
Filename: CLVDShellExt.dll
Description: Cyberlink Shell Extension dynamic link library
Company: Cyberlink
Product Name: CLVDShellExt
File Version:
CLSID: {3E2A0A32-6E14-4BAD-AA87-BBB6A75EBFF2}

If you think that you have similar problem in your system, you can try to fix the problem by disabling the specified shell extension. In order to do that, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and run the ShellExView utility from this Web page.
  2. Find the right shell extension according the details specified above.
  3. Select this shell extension and press F7 to disable this extension. After disabling the shell extension, check if the problem still occurs. If the problem still occurs, you should enable back the shell extension by pressing F8, and then try to search for another shell extension that might cause your problem.